Future Health Leaders Inc.

Peak representative body for early career health professionals.

Future Health Leaders was founded and is still run entirely by innovative young professionals who continue to work in the profession they represent. We have one goal: generate ideas and turn them into action to create a sustainable future health system. This conference is not our only project or event. Become a member. Start a project. Apply for a council position. Your opportunities for involvement are limitless.

Emmanuel Gnanamanickam and Edward Johnson Future Health Leaders Co-Chairs

Our Co-Chairs, Emmanuel Gnanamanickam and Edward Johnson will be at the conference.

Council members fulfill a two year term and aim to develop solutions to a range of issues and develop discussion papers for wider comment and dissemination.  In addition to this, Council works with policy makers and other organisations to discuss a range of programs and initiatives.  Many great new initiatives have been the product of a discussion among Future Health Leaders.

If you want to explore ways of getting involved without attending the conference, then pop over to our main site and Become a Future Health Leader now.