Australian Student And Novice Nurse Assoc.

Passionate and dynamic body empowering Australian nursing students

The Australian Student and Novice Nurse Association (ASANNA) is growing a national network of university student clubs, and novice nurse regions, that are all about bringing everyone together. We are giving voice to student and early career nurses, whilst connecting us with our profession and the wider healthcare community in a supportive, engaging way. ASANNA will champion current nursing issues, such as the shortage of grad jobs, whilst also creating sustainable ways for us to support ourselves through the transition from student to professional nurses.

To this aim we welcome early career nurses to our membership, up to 5 years post-studies. We believe new nurses can offer great support and mentoring for students and newgrads, whilst knowing that this group of new nurses also need support themselves. The statistics tell us that the greatest number of nurses choosing to leave the profession are in the first 5 years of their work. So, whilst a lot of us are fighting hard to get our first jobs, it seems those of us that do get a foot in the door, are leaving not long after. There are many reasons for this, and we feel that ASANNA can play an important role to support these early career nurses, in the hope that this will help them to stay in the profession. We know that nursing is a powerful, meaningful and rewarding career choice, and we want to support our peers to enter, and remain in, the profession.

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